'Style is a voluntary restriction of available means'

Cornelis Verhoeven

These words by his father, a Dutch philosopher and writer, have been a guide for Daan throughout his photography. Topside it usually means he shoots with natural light, finding the angle and frame that suits the subject and leaves out as much else as possible. Underwater, it means the same, with the addition that Daan dives without the use of scuba tanks - he freedives. This allows him to not only go down deep - below 40 meters if necessary - without complicated logistics, but also to do long days of diving and shooting.

Daan studied Communication Arts in New York, and was a graphic designer for a publishing company before becoming a freelance photographer. His work has been exhibited in London and New York, and published in several magazines and websites. He has contributed video to TV shows and documentaries. As a freediver, he has set several national records and been awarded safety freediver of the year twice. He is a certified AIDA freedive instructor and judge.

He lives in London, where he gets lost as soon as he exits an Underground station. He's made it his life mission to prove those who say “Never work with kids, animals or underwater” wrong -he has the most fun precisely when he combines those. He finds the process as rewarding as the result, and approaches both with a distinct sense of play, and improvisation. He has weak spots for the melodies of Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel's voice, the taste of ginger, bad puns and the color orange.