eye of the tiger shark

15th February 2014

Yesterday i met my first Tiger shark. I’d swam with hammerheads, white tips, black tips, grays, nurse and reef sharks before, but never with a tiger. I love all sharks for lots of reasons, one being very superficial and photography related, namely the way their skin plays with light, but tigers are particularly beautiful, with a strong body shape, and they have a wonderful pattern. I was very much hoping to see one in real life, preferably with a camera. So as we were playing with some reef sharks yesterday, William makes a noise and a gesture to indicate there’s something behind me. I turn and there it is, my tiger baptist. It comes directly at me to see what i’m made of:

IMG_6377 tiger sharkand part of me gets slightly nervous; a combination between something like meeting an idol and something more basic face-to-face with a predator larger than yourself. But my instinct tells me there is no aggression in his behavior, just curiosity, and i stand my ground, or eh, float my water, as it were. The tiger then turns to give me a sideway glance:

IMG_6386 tiger sharkdeems me neither food nor mate, offers me a glorious view of it’s magnificence

IMG_6389 tiger sharkand departs

IMG_6391 tiger sharkleaving me honored and giggly with joy.

It is a real shame these regal creatures are being hunted and slaughtered. Please help support the cause of the sharks:




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2 Responses to “eye of the tiger shark”

  1. Mark Hall says:

    Daan – Beautiful shots! Where were you and William during your encounter? I am assuming Bahamas. I live in Cayman and didn’t realize that tiger sharks were so plentiful in the Caribbean (thanks Wikipedia). I know it now and will keep my eyes extra pealed.

  2. atil tosun says:

    Hey, I love the first picture, He was checking us out about 5 minutes , he is a real hunter, swam in a point that we can hardly see him, I was seeing his white chin and thinking he does not look like the others and he does not swam the way the other sharks, very slow and steady. then slowly he started to come up , I warned everybody very big shark is coming swim to the boat. William knew it was a Tiger shark. He rush to help you.. He was able to sneak so close to you with out you seeing him, I bet you would not see him unless William did not warned you. These guys are real underwater hunters. it is amazing.

    never will forget this day, whales, sharks, Tuna/Wahoo feeding.. I like to see all other videos and pictures..

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