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21st May 2014

My first freediving was in a lake, and despite the cold and low visibility, despite the mud on the bottom you sink into, despite the smell afterwards, i loved it. Maybe it’s the contrast of all that’s off-putting with the deliciousness of freediving. But then i dove in the Kreidensee in Germany and it turned out that lakes can have more than a foot of viz and be quite beautiful. Cold still, yes, and still smelly, but the same fantastic feelings, combined with an utterly alien view.

Kreidensee has a sister-lake in the UK, unpoetically called NDAC, where the mighty Sam Kirby runs her SaltFree school. She has what must be one of the loveliest platforms in the freediving world:

platform-7897I have it from reliable sources that it looks good from above, too. I first played in that blue/green water as a safety in 2010, and last year made a couple of videos there. But i’d never been this early in the season, because the water is 12 degrees there now and i’m a complete wimp. But i was lured back there by the promise of excellent viz, and armed with a new 5 mm wetsuit and socks and gloves and a neoprene scarf and rubber earmuffs and a cosy in my crack i went down. And dear lady of the lake is it gorgeous there

george beam-7827It has a colour that’s hard to capture or describe (and makes editing photos even harder than it is when dealing with mesmerising blue) but it is a little like dropping into a smaragd being held by a smurf. Or is it a topaz in the hands of the hulk? I don’t know, but it’s radiant. Especially when the light comes out to play

liv up-7732And there are all these lines beneath the platform to compose with

george platform-8033So in the end, despite the cold, and the smell,  i had a damn near religious experience

roman jump-8184

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