The Danish Depth Championships

2nd September 2014

Last week, i had the pleasure and honour to document Danes diving deep at their annual depth championships, this time held in Kalamata, Greece. The winner of the women was Dena Parsa, who also set a national record Free Immersion with 61 meters:


and the winner of the men was my friend Jesper Stechmann, who broke the record for Constant weight no fins:


The comp had a great ambiance and it was good to see old friends and meet new ones. When i started freediving the Danes were the best ones out there, especially in the pool, and it was nice to see some of the old still being on top/bottom and teaching the new. And i was glad they didn’t pick Sweden this year, for the visibility most days was set to epic:

anne-9177 henning-9073 michael-8924 henning-8874 henning-8865 camilla-8843 stig-8740 stig-8181 anne-8396

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